What is soul courage?

Most of us have a generous amount of physical courage and mental courage, but Soul Courage may be another matter.

Soul Courage is about bringing who you really are to your life--your instinctual wisdom and endless curiosity, your feelings and the expression of them, your wonder and vulnerability, your joy and pain, your fear and excitement--all that you carry inside from before you were made physical, and all that you have picked up along the way on this human journey. It’s about meeting your feelings with gentle grace, expressing them with absolute freedom and connecting with total presence.

It’s about bravely being all that you encompass--Body, Mind and Soul. Feeling into the living of your life, speaking your truth, singing your song, and revealing your true nature to your Self, to others and to Life.

And here’s the best part...
You already have Soul Courage.

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It's nice to know there is leadership out there showing us how vulnerability and authenticity can bring our Souls to the forefront in our everyday living. I recommend this book to anyone who has had glimpses into what this intimacy with Life can bring and whose desire is to choose that more often.
The Courage you need is within these pages.

- Marnie H.
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